Aida Passion Tableware – White Aida Tableware in Porcelain


Aida Passion crockery is a classic crockery that can be used both daily and for parties. This provides a crockery suitable for most occasions.

The plates in the Aida Passion crockery are decorated with a ribbon with rifles around the edge. These rifles help define the Passion’s identity. Similar rifles are also used in the other parts of Aida Passion crockery.

Aida Passion is molded in high quality bone china. The crockery is glazed in a soft cream tone to accentuate the “passion” of the design.

Aida starter kit in 16 parts

If you want to get started on building an Aida Passion crockery, you may want to start with the 16-piece starter kit. This is a crockery for 4 people and consists of large and small Aida Passion plates of 28 and 20 cm respectively.

Furthermore, the starter kit consists of 4 deep plates with a diameter of 17 cm and a height of 10 cm. The deep bowls in the Aida Passion crockery are steep at the edges, and are therefore suitable as serving bowls for different accessories.

In the set from Aida you will also find 4 coffee mugs with a volume of 33 dl. These are great for enjoying your breakfast coffee.

Other parts of Aida Passion crockery

The plates of Aida Passion are available in editions of 28 cm and 23 cm, as well as dessert plates of 20 cm. Furthermore, you will find soup plates with flat edges. The soup plates have a diameter of 23 cm.

Among the serving dishes is the Aida Passion oval plate which has an oblong surface with a size of 41 x 28 cm. Furthermore, you will find Aida Passion serving bowls with a diameter of 14 cm, 17 cm or 26 cm.

Outside of the crockery you will find in the Aida Passion collection also a wide selection of wine and drinking glasses, mugs and coffee cups with saucers, as well as a separate black Passion cutlery.