Big Green Egg – American Camadogrill


Big Green Egg is an easily recognizable charcoal grill. The green egg shaped charcoal grill was developed by the company Big Green Egg from the USA. Big Green Egg was started by Ed Fisher in 1974, in Atlanta Georgia.

Big Green Egg initially began to import grills from China and Japan, but eventually developed its own version of the charcoal grill.

Big Green Egg has derived its design from the Japanese kamado grills that have been in use for thousands of years. Kamado is Japanese and refers to traditional charcoal and wood burning stoves in clay.

Modern technology provides smart grill solutions

Today’s Big Green Egg kamado grills are a combination of traditional Japanese cooking and modern technology. The ceramic used in Big Green Egg is specially developed by NASA.

The pottery in the Big Green Egg grill helps to reflect the heat back into the grill. Combined with the grill’s air ducts and shape, this helps to create a heat circulation that helps to produce good results on the grill.

The ceramic used in the Big Green Egg can withstand high temperatures at the same time and is also tolerant of temperature variations. The grill maintains a stable temperature and can be used in both summer and winter.

Big Green Eggs in small and large editions

As we know, Americans like big grills. Big Green Egg is available in several versions, so you can choose a size that suits your needs.

The grills are sold without a rack, so you have the option of choosing whether you want a rack with or without wheels, a table stand, or if you want to build the Big Green Egg grill into a kitchen solution in the garden.

The Big Green Egg Mini is a smaller table grill that you can bring along on the beach or at the campsite. The grill has a diameter of 25 cm and a weight of 17 kg. This means that two people can carry it for a while. The Big Green Egg mini can be combined with the “Egg Carrier”, with handles on each side, making it easier to move.

Big Green Egg Minimax is an extended version of the mini model. The Minimax is 7 cm taller than the Big Green Egg Mini and has a 33 cm grid diameter. This gives plenty of room for grilling, even if you are more people. This large Big Green Egg table model weighs 35 kilos.

Big Green Egg Small is designed for urban people and others with smaller gardens or patio areas. Unlike Mini and Minimax, Big Green Egg Small is not a table grill but a more stationary version. Here you can combine with a Nest stand with wheels adapted for Small, so you can move it more easily. Big Green Egg Small has a grating diameter of 33 cm and a weight of 36 cm.

Big Green Egg Medium is still small enough to fit in most smaller gardens and terraces. At the same time, it is large enough to grill meat and vegetables for up to 6-8 people. The grill has a grating diameter of 40 cm and a weight of 51 kg.

Big Green Egg Large has a grating diameter of 46 cm and a weight of 73 kg. This gives space to grill for around 8 people. Large is the most popular grill from Big Green Egg, and is also the model with the largest selection of accessories.

Big Green Egg XLarge is the second largest edition and has a grating size of 61 cm. The weight of this grill is 99 kg. This should provide plenty of space for most barbecue needs.

Big Green Egg XXL is the largest version of Big Green Egg and has a grating diameter of 73 cm. The weight is 170 kilos. This provides a large work surface.

Big Green Egg side tables and racks

When ordering your Big Green Egg grill, you may want to familiarize yourself with what comes with the accessories. For each online store, there may be different versions of what comes in the package.

Big Green Eggs have a diverse selection of different stands, or “nests” as they call it. These are table racks or racks with wheels. Choose the size that fits your grill size.

You can also buy Big Green Egg side tables which make it easier to have utensils, ingredients, and something cold to drink next to the grill. Big Green Eggs can also be built into various garden kitchen solutions with kitchen countertops that provide a larger work surface.

Other Accessories for Big Green Egg Grill

As an extra accessory, Big Green Egg also offers a wider selection of grilling utensils. This includes pizza stones of various sizes, cast iron pots and grill utensils.

Big Green Egg also sells their ConvEGGtor which is placed downstairs in the grill to limit the heat from the grill and keep the center of the grill to a more moderate temperature. This makes it possible to prepare food with indirect grilling.