Eva Solo paper roll holder


A paper roll is always handy when cooking. Whether you want to fry fish, work with marinated meat, or clean fruits and vegetables, it is always good to have a roll of paper available.

Eva Solo paper roll holder

When eating, it can be convenient with a paper roll holder nearby. This applies to shrimp and seafood, spare ribs, chicken wings and other sticky foods.

When you have to put a roll of paper on the dining table, or have it standing on the kitchen counter, it’s always good to have it representative. With Eva Solo paper roll holder, you make sure the paper roll is beautifully presented.

Paper roll holder with leather details

Eva Solo paper roll holder is designed by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk. The paper roll holder is one of several Eva Solo products designed by this duo.

The Eva Solo paper roll holder is designed in stainless steel. A leather handle is attached to the top of the holder so that the roller is easier to move. There is rubber on the underside of the paper roll holder to make it more stable.

Eva Solo paper roll holder provides elegant storage and presentation of the paper roll, so you can place it on the table.

Eva Solo Paper Roll Holder Keeps the Paper Dry

In addition to looking nicer when storing the paper roll on a neat paper roll holder, Eva Solo paper roll holder also keeps the roll dry.

Without a paper roll holder, the paper roll would more often be placed directly on the kitchen counter, or on the dining table. Here it is often already spills that quickly pull into the paper and make it sticky. If you have a lot of spills on your fingers, the roll of paper is also often spilled when you move it around or try to remove that wipe.

With Eva Solo paper roll holder, you can reduce this by making the paper roll more stable, making it easier to remove paper from the roll without directly touching it.