Georg Jensen coffee pot – coffee pot in classic design


Georg Jensen has a long tradition in designing and developing products for the home. Georg Jensen coffee pot is available in several editions. Below we look at the coffee pots Bernadotte and Beak.

What characterizes Georg Jensen coffee pots is the beautiful and classic design. With its unique history, Georg Jensen’s designs are often characterized by exclusivity and style, combined with the Scandinavian undertone.

Bernadotte coffee pot from Georg Jensen

This Georg Jensen coffee pot is designed by Prince Sigvard Bernadotte. The design was originally from 1938 when Bernadotte used it during the design of a milk jug.

The coffee pot is made of chrome-plated steel and has a built-in thermos insulation to retain heat. This juxtaposition of the classic jug design and the more modern technology helps make this Georg Jensen coffee pot something extra.

Prince Sigvard Bernadotte was the son of King Karl Gustav VI and throughout his career developed several exciting designs. In addition to this coffee pot, the Bernadotte Georg Jensen range also includes various cutlery and serving dishes.

The Bernadotte coffee pot from Georg Jensen is available in sizes 0.8 and 1 liter. The coffee pot with a volume of 0.8 liters has a height of 18.8 cm, while the large coffee pot of 1 liter has a height of 23.5 cm.

Georg Jensen -Beak coffee pot

Beak by Georg Jensen was designed by Maria Berntsen. Unlike the Bernadotte coffee pot that got its design in 1938, the Beak coffee pot was designed in 2012.

Despite its young age, it is often seen as a modern classic. One of Maria Berntsen’s wishes with the design was that the coffee pot should be timeless, while at the same time referring to what time it was created.

The name “Beak” is borrowed from the animal kingdom and is also the inspiration for this coffee pot. Beak coffee pot has taken its expression from the Emperor Penguin who proudly looks out over the landscape with a high raised beak.

This pride brings the coffee pot to the coffee table, where it stands proud and ready to serve coffee to guests.

The coffee pot is made of shiny stainless steel and ABS plastic. The jug has a height of 27 cm and a volume of 1 liter.