Grill Glove – Heat Protective Grill Glove for Barbecue


Moving hot objects can be a challenge. With a good barbecue glove, you get good protection for your hands, making it easier to move objects to and from the grill or oven.

Unlike patches, a barbecue glove provides better protection as they are often thicker and cover the entire hand. Many barbecue gloves also protect well up the arm.

Barbecue gloves are available in both fabric and leather materials. A good barbecue glove should ensure a good grip, while protecting enough of the heat.

Mareld grill glove in canvas

From Mareld we find this grill glove in canvas. Canvas is a durable material that is often used for sails. The grill glove is lined with striped cotton and works for both left and right hands.

Mareld grill gloves in canvas are available in several color versions such as nature and black. This series also features matching kitchen aprons and storage baskets.

Grill glove in brown buffalo leather

Nice and sturdy grill glove in brown buffalo leather. The barbecue glove is made of brown waxed leather and has an inside that creates a soft padding. This glove fits well in combination with a leather apron.

The glove is equipped with a small hem, so you can hang it on a hook. Clean the grill glove by wiping it with a wet cloth. Length: 27 cm.

Outset barbecue gloves in leather

Outset barbecue gloves are made of leather and provide good protection against the heat from cooking. The Outset grill glove is made of leather and is lined in black cotton.

Furthermore, from Outset you will also find other barbecue equipment such as barbecue apron, grill press, barbecue tongs, barbecue skewers and other.

Big Green Egg grill glove

These green grill gloves are also available from the manufacturer of the famous Big Green Egg grill series. Big Green Egg grill gloves are made of solid and heat resistant fibers and have a smart silicone grip protection.

In addition to their barbecue gloves, the Big Green Egg series also includes matching barbecue aprons and barbecue equipment. And of course their green charcoal grill.

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