Jamie Oliver pizza stone – crispy pizza base with pizza stone


With a pizza stone, you get the crispy pizza base that you would like on classic Italian portion pizzas. With Jamie Oliver’s pizza stone, you can get the crispy oven-baked pizza at home in your own oven.

To use the Jamie Oliver pizza stone, you must first heat the pizza stone in the oven. This is done from a cold oven so that the pizza stone has a smooth temperature transition. Avoid putting a cold pizza stone in a hot oven, as this may cause the stone to crack. Also, avoid washing the pizza stone in water while the stone is hot.

While the pizza stone and oven are heating, prepare the pizza. A good tip here is to use cornmeal under the bottom of the pizza dough to prevent it from getting stuck in the pizza stone.

Round Jamie Oliver pizza stone

Jamie Oliver pizza stone is made in a round version and has a diameter of 33 cm. Jamie Oliver’s pizza stone is made of ceramic and can handle temperatures up to 600 degrees.

Along with the pizza stone also comes a single stand so that it is easier to move the pizza stone. The stand also makes it easier to serve the pizza on the table. Keep in mind that the pizza stone can be hot.

Jamie Oliver – The naked chef

Jamie Oliver is a world renowned chef and media personality. With several popular TV shows and cookbooks, Jamie Oliver has built up a great career in the food industry.

Jamie Oliver had his first TV show in 1998 when he debuted with “The Naked Chef”. Since that time, he has had several popular TV shows on the air.

Jamie Oliver has also launched a number of different kitchenware. Alongside Jamie Oliver’s pizza stone, he has, among other things, launched Jamie Oliver frying pans in collaboration with Tefal, Jamie Oliver mortar, as well as various cutlery and kitchen utensils.