Kubus bowl from By Lassen


The easily recognizable Kubus Bowl by By Lassen is designed with inspiration from Mogens Lassen’s Kubus candle holder from the 1960s.

The original edition of Mogens Larsen was only produced in a small number for colleagues and friends. The Kubus dish was later relaunched by his grandson through By Lassen in the 1990s.

The Kubus bowl is well suited as the base for a flower decoration, or as a fruit bowl, or for storing keys and small items.

The Kubus dish from By Lassen is great as part of the interior and can be combined with other dishes and candlesticks in the Kubus series.

Large or small Kubus bowl

By Lassen’s Kubus bowl is available in large and small versions. The large version of the Kubus bowl has a height, width and depth of 23x23x23 cm, and the small version has a height, width and depth of 14x14x14 cm.

The different sizes can easily be combined and will also fit well with the Kubus candle holders. Kubus bowl is available in several color choices such as black, brass, cool gray, white and burnished copper.

The bowl itself can be removed from the cube for cleaning. The Kubus bowl should not be washed in a dishwasher, but can be wiped with a damp or dry cloth.

Kubus bowl in other variants

Next to the square Kubus bowls where all the sides of the cube are the same length, there is also a wide selection of other Kubus designs. This allows you to expand the collection and combine these into your event.

The Kubus vase has a height of 24 cm and a width and depth of 12 cm. This Kubus vase is well suited for flower bouquets, or birch twigs as a fixed-name rice. The vase is also available in an edition with a height of 20 cm. One also has a narrower variant of the Kubus vase which is well suited for simpler bouquets or single flowers.

Another edition within the Kubus bowl. These are Kubus bowls with lower height. This low Kubus bowl is available in a small version with a height of 7 cm and a width and depth of 14 cm, and in a large version with a height of 11.5 cm and a width and depth of 23 cm.

Next to the aforementioned bowls in the Kubus series from By Lassen you will also find a mini bowl with a size of 7x7x7 cm, and of course the various Kubus candle holders with space for 1, 2, 4 or 8 candles.